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In the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh nomination for the U.S. Supreme Court, Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey recalls Abigail Adams' admonition to her husband John about the rights of women. Democrats have a self-interest in defending the rights of women today, the blogger says, adding that they need to stand clear about where they stand on women's health.

Concordia College history and economics professor Van Mobley, in a WisOpinion column, urges people to stay bullish about the farm economy. The tariffs won't amount to more than a spit in the ocean, he maintains, and the laws of supply and demand will still rule.

In a Right Wisconsin column, George Mitchell lambastes what he calls the "enduring siren song of criminal justice reform." Mitchell claims that the eight Democrats running for the gubernatorial nomination are all wrong about demanding that Wisconsin's prison population be reduced.

Blogger Chris Liebenthal accuses state Sen. Leah Vukmir, one of the two candidates for the GOP nomination for U.S. senator, of being unhinged. The blogger revisits some of her recent comments, her TV ads and her accusations about her opponent to explain why he believes this is so.

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Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska is all over the reports that Randy Bryce, one of two Dem candidates for the First District congressional nomination, has a record of drunk driving, driving after revocation and failure to appear in court some 20 years ago. So he takes responsibility. What else can he do? asks Blaska.