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Political Environment blogger James Rowen says he's got to give some credit to the legislative Republicans and their lame-duck session. Although some, including him, have charged that Robin Vos, et al, took their cues from the North Carolina legislature in weakening a newly elected Democratic governor, nevertheless they didn't go as low as their NC brethren, he ads. Now we know NC  Republicans tampered with absentee ballots in a close congressional race.

The Bradley Foundation-supported  website of the MacIver Institute posts a "special guest perspective" written by rightie radio commentator Dan O'Donnell that claims Democrats have erased the memory of a former legislator named Jeff Wood as they rant about the Republican's lame-duck session. O'Donnell says they wanted to spring Wood from a jail sentence for a string of drunk-driving arrests so he could help them pass public employee contracts during a lame-duck session. Therefore, he insinuates, Dems are just as bad.

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman is surprised by a lengthy response to his questions about the GOP's lame-duck legislation from Republican state Rep. Dale Kooyenga. The response spells out Kooyenga's reasoning behind his vote for the much-criticized legislation, claiming the media aren't reporting it correctly.

Right Wisconsin's George Mitchell claims that we should ignore the outrage being expressed by the Democrats (and longtime Republican supporters like Milwaukee's Sheldon Lubar) over the lame-duck session. Instead, he insists, the Dems are glad about the Republican's tactics because it makes Republicans look bad even if their actions are legitimate.

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DemoCurmudgeon blogger John Peterson posts a satirical cartoon depicting a "parting message" from Scott Walker. The outgoing governor supposedly thanks all who supported his union-busting activities and promises to continue working, even out of office, for those 250,000 jobs he promised.

Newly announced School Board candidate and rightie blogger David Blaska points to the recent car jackings at two city day-care facilities and laments that now even the city's day-care centers aren't safe from violence.

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