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In a Right Wisconsin posting, Republican state Rep. Joe Sanfelippo insists that the road to a sustainable state Department of Transportation doesn't require a tax increase. He claims that a conservative approach can find savings and other sources of revenue to fund roads and highways instead of bowing to "tax and spend" politicians. 

Political Environment blogger James Rowen says he's going to add the latest news about Wisconsin dairy farms to his Scott Walker legacy coverage. He says another example of Walker's failures is the news that Wisconsin, home to the most dairy farms in the nation, was also the leader in farms going out of business last year.

Blogging Blue's Ed Heinzelman says "sorry, Rudy" in his latest blog. He chides Trump lawyer and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani for claiming that there's nothing wrong with accepting stolen documents from the Russians. The blogger says no candidate for an American elective office should accept information from a foreign country and if that is legal, as Rudy claims, then it needs to be made illegal promptly.

You'd have thought that hell had frozen over, but it's real, our two U.S. senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson have actually agreed on something, says a sarcastic Racine Journal Times editorial. The Democrat and Republican are co-sponsoring a bill to expand internet connections to rural areas, the paper explains.

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In a posting from the UW-Madison's chancellor's office, Rebecca Blank describes the benefits to the university that will result from American Family Insurance's $10 million grant to fund the insurance data science institute. She insists the ideas coming from that collaboration will be significant in the years ahead.