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USA Today-Wisconsin community columnist Casey Hoff writes in a piece that appears in the Sheboygan Press that Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn's opinions about a U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring sodomy laws unconstitutional are fair game in the current judicial election. The public has every right to know his take on the case, Hoff, an attorney, declares.

The Racine Journal Times blames the so-called anti-vaxxers' ignorance and stupidity for bringing back measles in the U.S. after vaccinations all but eliminated the childhood disease. Follow the advice of your doctor and get your kids vaccinated, the paper says, don't follow some superstitious nonsense.

Urban Milwaukee's data wonk Bruce Thompson insists that not all conservatives oppose Milwaukee's streetcar. Although conservative voices like the MacIver Institute and other Bradley Foundation organs rail against streetcars and most modes of public transportation, there are many conservative voices out there who believe streetcars actually coincide with conservative values, he notes.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen notes another highway failure, this time on I39-90, that required the closing of two miles of the interstate over the weekend because of extreme potholes. Rowen also notes that CWD among deer is worse now than ever. These are the kind of messes left by Scott Walker that Tony Evers has to deal, he adds.

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M.D. Kittle, the mouthpiece of the conservative MacIver news service, has a piece posted on Right Wisconsin in which he savages the "Green New Deal" that several members of Congress are touting as an answer to many problems facing the country, including the dangers of global warming. Kittle contends it's all a pipedream and too expensive.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey is taken aback by the insinuations that were made prior to today's primary election that only African-American candidates be elected to help change the School Board and city to better deal with race. That's nonsense -- we need to elect the best candidates, regardless of race, he insists.

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