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Madison-area neighborhood centers among Kids Fund grant recipients in 2020

Madison-area neighborhood centers among Kids Fund grant recipients in 2020

Kids Fund logo Dec 2019

Madison-area community centers are at the forefront in dealing with the challenges facing young people.

And The Capital Times’ Kids Fund helps their work with grants made possible by readers of the newspaper who contribute to the annual fund drive that is currently underway.

During the past year, grants went to the Lussier Community Education Center, Neighborhood House, the Theresa Terrace Neighborhood Center, the Vera Court Neighborhood Center, the East Madison Community Center, the Goodman Community Center, the McFarland Community Center, and the Elver Park Neighborhood Center.

The centers were among 61 Dane County nonprofits that shared in $180,000 in grants during the current calendar year.

Nonprofits that work with young people are encouraged to apply for Kids Fund grants. Details on how to make an application are spelled out at

Meanwhile, you can help make sure that grants can continue to be made during the coming year by mailing a contribution of any size to The Kids Fund, c/o The Capital Times, Madison WI 53708.

Or, you can go online to, click on the “donate” button on the lower right side of the page, and make a contribution either with PayPal or by using your credit card.

Following is a list of recent contributors to the 2020 campaign:

Katie Mae in memory of Adrian and Lil Pope, West Bend: $50

Charles Scott, Madison: $100

Georgia Graves, Middleton: $150

Benjamin Benson, Middleton: $25

Paul and Cheryl Zeegers, Madison: $50

Maureen and Erik Sorensen, Madison: $100

Carolyn May, Madison: $50

Kerra and Bradley Guffey, Verona: $100

Frank Schatzley, Madison: $20

Annette Ringdahl, Middleton: $100

Constance Hegerfeld: $300

Chris Murphy and Amy Rountree, Madison: $250

Greg and Barb Sheehy, Middleton: $250

Margaret Fuguitt: $35

Barbara Morgan: $100

Martin Wheelock, Madison: $100

Tino Balio: $50

Ben Hole, College Park, Maryland: $50

Jeffrey Davis: $500

Carol Fink, Mount Horeb: $15

Rebecca and Kenneth Shultz, Fitchburg: $100

Renae Schroeder, Madison: $26

Jerome and Allie Hammond, Madison: $30

Elizabeth Kramer, Madison: $50

David Lucey, Cross Plains: $100

Barbara and Frank LaVoy, Oregon: $50

Jim and Linda Nellen, Madison: $30

Beverly Richgels, Madison: $25

Kenneth and Hope Soroos, Elgin, South Carolina: $50

Lynn and Steven Rasmussen, Madison: $50

Brian Clark, Middleton: $20

Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction, Mount Horeb: $1,000

Jan Ketzler, Madison: $50

Marie Strahl, Sun Prairie: $25

Josephine Ferguson, Madison: $100

Lauri Morris and James Cole, Waunakee: $50

Robert Wynn II and Millie Jones, Madison: $50

Robert and Nancy Schaefer, Madison: $30

Theodore and Christine Bunck, Verona: $35

Rich and Cindy Hellenbrand, Waunakee: $50

Angela Gullikson, Madison: $200

Brian and Cheryl Goodman, Madison: $50

Robert and Mary Burke, Madison: $50

Marie and Kim Paul, Madison: $40

Richard and Karen Armstrong, Belleville: $50

Jane Sheehan, Madison: $50

James and Anita Treinen, DeForest: $500

Duane and Peggy Marxen, Middleton: $50

Dave and Sandy Zweifel, Madison: $1,000

David Hassemer and Sandra Guthrie, Madison: $150

Todd Ambs, Madison: $75

Roger and Carol Brumm, Middleton: $100

Anne Thompson, Monona: $50

Kathryn Snyder and Michael Miyamoto, Madison: $50

Stewart Macaulay, Madison: $100

Jane Daniels, Sun Prairie: $25

Tina Neupert, Madison: $50

Sarah and Timothy Corden, Madison: $50

Sharon James, Madison: $25

Jeffrey Anderson, DeForest: $25

Joe and Loretta Kalscheur, Waunakee: $50

Robin Taylor, Madison: $50

Karen Hester, Madison: $100

Joanna Rice, Madison: $75

Carol Van Hulle and Kevin Komarek, Madison: $50

Kenneth and Joyce Statz, Cross Plains: $25

Katherine Wiggins, Madison: $50

Jacob Stockinger, Madison: $25

Dorothy Karls, DeForest: $25

Joseph Herr and Lauren Meyer-Herr, Verona: $25

Bill and Bobbi Tracy, Madison: $50

Christine Lynch, Madison : $30

Debbi Verhelst, Oregon: $50

Gerald Lefert, Madison: $200

Kathleen Thompson, Madison: $15

Douglas and Martha Maxwell, Verona: $25

Elise Gold and Bradley Hughes, Verona: $35

Geraldine Laufenberg, Waunakee: $20

Pam and Frederick Katz, Middleton: $100

Michael and Christine Krueger, Madison: $100

Anonymous: $50

Janet Emmerich, Middleton: $75

Tad and Hannah Pinkerton, Madison: $150

Tom and Karen Schreiber, Sun Prairie: $25

Anonymous: $100

Patrick and Patrica Farrell, Madison: $50

Tim and Sandra Gossens, Middleton: $25

Douglas and Janet Laube, Madison: $50

Jay and Eileen Hochmuth, Madison: $30

Valerie Heinzen, Madison: $30

Jean Heinrichs, Madison: $100

Tod and Marcia Melotte, Madison: $50

Phyllis Miller, Madison: $25

Lidia Berghammer, Madison: $15

Running total: $51,623

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