Gib's, 1380 Williamson St., is a craft cocktail bar located next door to Grampa's Pizzeria.


Most of the top reads at this week were about Tuesday’s election. But the most-read article detailed a controversy that quickly became even nastier than partisan politics: the social media firestorm that hit local bar Gib’s.

After a former employee told the world via Facebook that a Gib’s manager had labeled her W-2 “dumb bitch.pdf,” commentators attacked the restaurant through Yelp ratings and posted angry comments on the restaurant’s apology post and the owner’s personal Facebook page.

“How will this horrible establishment ever continue on?” read one. “Screw you guys. You deserve the fail and I can’t wait for you to lose your money!”

Writer Lindsay Christians parsed through what the social media fallout could mean for the future of the popular bar and its neighboring restaurant, Grampa’s Pizzeria.

“I cannot think of any local social media disaster on this scale ... nothing with the vitriol and reach of the situation with Gib’s,” said Kristie Schilling, executive director of the Monona East Side Business Alliance.

The second-place top article explained the last item on Tuesday’s ballot: a referendum on whether to eliminate the state’s treasurer position. The state voted overwhelmingly to keep it.

Other election coverage included a look at the Dane County Circuit Court election, midday voter turnout, and the state Supreme Court race.

Here are the top 10 most-read articles on from Sunday, April 1, to Saturday, April 7: