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mary lazich

This screen grab was taken from a WisconsinEye video from Wednesday, showing Sen. Mary Lazich talking about the ultrasound bill in the state Senate.

Republican state Sen. Mary Lazich was the final speaker Wednesday morning before Senate President Mike Ellis began his tirade against Democrats during the roll call vote on the controversial bill that would require a woman to get an ultrasound before having an abortion.

The senator from New Berlin said "a vast majority of women regret" having abortions, not citing any sources. "They killed their child and they made a horrific decision and they regret it and wish they never would have done it."

That's not unusual rhetoric from abortion opponents on the hot-button topic, but Lazich became more agitated as her speech went on and made a jaw-dropping assertion about the history of the procedure in the U.S.

"These abortions became popular in the '60s. It was almost the thing to do. You needed to get one of them to be a woman."

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And the bill passed the Senate shortly thereafter. It is being discussed Thursday in the Assembly, where it is expected to pass, and Gov. Scott Walker has said he will sign it.

See the full video of Lazich's speech here: 

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