In the ongoing quest to make sense of the results of the presidential election in Wisconsin, readers this week turned to coverage of the recount.

The most-read article explained Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the recount filed by Green Party candidate by Jill Stein.

While Stein’s request gives counties the choice to recount by hand or by machine, Clinton filed a motion to require that all recounting be done by hand. The motion also noted the potential for other differences in recount preferences.

“(Clinton’s) attorneys argued the Democratic former Secretary of State's interests will not be adequately represented by existing parties in the litigation, noting she and Stein will likely disagree on issues covered by the case,” the article read.

The next most-read article noted the comments of Gov. Scott Walker and other lawmakers who were critical of the legal ability of candidates who did not lose an election by a close margin to file a recount. Walker said he thinks it would be worthwhile to look into making a law that would prevent such a recount.

"It’s certainly something to look at," Walker said in the article. "To me, it seems like a recount is most valuable if you think it was close and you want to challenge it to make sure that all the votes that were legitimate and legal were cast."

"I've heard from quite a few representatives and senators who are interested in getting something done to prevent a candidate who has no way of actually winning in a recount of holding up the electoral process," said Sen. Devin LeMahieu, R-Oostburg.

Several other top articles continued to deal with the results of the Nov. 8 election. Paul Fanlund’s piece asked readers to consider the historical and system-wide reasons for Clinton’s loss rather than “mansplaining” the election, blaming flaws in her campaign or personal characteristics. Dave Zweifel reminded readers of the significant backlash following President Obama’s election in 2008 and 2012.

These are the top 10 stories on from Sunday, Nov. 27, to Saturday, Dec. 3:

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