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Wisconsin added 3,400 private-sector manufacturing jobs in October, according to preliminary estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

After a disappointing September jobs report, the nation rebounded in October. But for Wisconsin, October and September both brought good news: an increase in private-sector jobs.

After 83 straight months of growth, the Bureau of Labor Statistics job estimates for the U.S. in September originally showed loss of 33,000 jobs across the nation, which was later revised to a small gain of 18,000 jobs. Financial analysts attributed these low numbers to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, as the leisure and hospitality sectors took big hits. In October, the nation saw an increase of 261,000 jobs, according to preliminary estimates.

Wisconsin enjoyed increases in private-sector jobs across both months, and set new records for the number of private-sector jobs in the state in September and October.

October brought 9,500 private sector jobs to the state, according to preliminary estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released Friday. Altogether, the total number of estimated private-sector jobs in Wisconsin is 2,553,900, the highest it’s ever been.

"Wisconsin is continuing along the path of economic growth under Governor Walker's leadership,” Ray Allen, the secretary of the Department of Workforce Development, said in a statement.

The state gained 3,400 manufacturing jobs, as well as 4,300 jobs in professional and business services. Wisconsin also gained 1,000 government jobs over the month.

That’s a total increase of 230,300 private-sector jobs since January 2011. Gov. Scott Walker pledged to create 250,000 private-sector jobs by the end of his first term.

 Surrounding states didn't fare as well in October. Illinois gained 5,200 private-sector jobs, but Iowa lost 1,100, Michigan lost 500 and Minnesota lost 5,000. 

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The figures are part of the Current Employment Statistics program, which samples a small number of employers monthly. As preliminary estimates for October, the numbers are subject to revision.

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