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The Alcohol License Review Committee will separately consider over 30 alcohol licenses during its annual review process.

A Madison committee will separately consider more than 30 alcohol license applications for renewal later this month, for reasons including drug dealing and curbing late-night problems, among other issues.

Of the 35 alcohol licenses the Alcohol License Review Committee will separately consider at meetings on May 22 and 23, eight are for Capitol Petroleum convenience stores. The owner of the convenience store chain, Farooq Shahzad, was sentenced March 19 for selling synthetic marijuana.   

The committee may also increase the number of downtown bars that prohibit patrons from entering or re-entering the bar past 1:30 a.m.

Last year, the committee added this condition to seven establishments on and near the 600 block of University Avenue in an attempt to curb violence and criminal activity. The nine establishments that will be considered for the no-late-entry policy include:

  • Vintage Spirits & Grill, 529 University Ave.
  • Kollege Klub, 529 N. Lake St.
  • City Bar and Restaurant, 636 State St.
  • Karaoke Kid, 614 University Ave.
  • Whiskey Jack’s Saloon, 552 State St.
  • Monday’s, 523 State St.
  • Danny’s Pub, 328 W. Gorham St.
  • Chasers Bar & Grille, 319 W. Gorham St.
  • Red Rock Saloon, 322 W. Johnson St.

Central District Capt. Jason Freedman said the new policy reduced problems in the area around the 600 block of University Avenue and is “worthwhile” to expand. By applying the policy to more downtown establishments, Freedman hopes to avoid new problem areas created by patrons relocating to bars that stay open until 2 a.m.

“By spreading that net out, we think we’re going to reduce the likelihood of a new hotspot,” Freedman said.

The ALRC is also separately reviewing One Barrel Brewing’s license to sell wine. The brewery, located at 2001 Atwood Ave., is required by the city to have at least 50 percent of its total sales come from food. According to the city clerk’s office, 80 percent of the near east side brewery’s total sales are from alcohol.

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License renewals begin July 1. 

The ALRC is also holding a special non-renewal meeting May 2 for Madison Bazaar, 1901 S. Park St.; Badger Liquor, 714 W. Badger Road; and Divine Orders Catering, 2122 Luann Lane.

Complaints for the liquor stores cite incidents of selling small, “airplane”-sized bottles of liquor, transferring product between the two stores and trafficking illegal substances.

Divine Orders Catering is the subject of dozens of noise complaints. The company also failed to complete a financial audit, which was initiated by the city to determine its status as a restaurant.

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Abigail Becker joined The Capital Times in 2016, where she primarily covers city and county government. She previously worked for the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and the Wisconsin State Journal.