Spencer cutting Jeremiah's hair

Spencer Johnson cuts Jeremiah Edwards' hair at JP Hair Design in Madison, near the entrance of the Men's Health and Education Center, which opened inside the barbershop in October. The health center aims to improve the health status of black men, said Aaron Perry, who runs it.

Two advocates working to improve the health of African-American men in Madison will be interviewed on national television Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday, Nov. 29, Dr. Jasmine Zapata and Aaron Perry will be on the Megyn Kelly Today television show, which airs at 9 a.m., Madison time.

“I'm so glad the work is getting national attention!” Zapata wrote in a Facebook post.

Aaron Perry is the founder of the nonprofit Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association, which works to improve the health of African-American men in Dane County. He started a health center in the backroom of JP Hair Design Barbershop to help teach the barbershop customers, who are mostly African-American men, about topics like obesity and heart disease.

“Men typically don’t go to the doctor. They don’t seek out medical information,” Perry said in a Wisconsin State Journal article about the center. “We’re reaching men in a space where they’re already comfortable.”

Zapata is a local pediatrician and a master’s student in public health and preventive medicine from UW-Madison. She was featured in a Cap Times cover story about the health disparities facing African-American women in Dane County.

She said in a Facebook post announcing the appearance that she’s been working with Perry for seven years.

“It's so awesome to have been a part of this journey as an advisor and health empowerment consultant,” she wrote.

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Although she focuses on maternal child health and youth empowerment, she wrote, the health of African-American men is intimately connected to those topics.

“Strengthening our men to ensure their ultimate physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social health is ideal (and) has direct impacts on the health of women children and families in our community,” she wrote.

Zapata said the segment on the Megyn Kelly show would bring awareness to minority men’s health and the barbershop health center.