Andy Gronik's favorite Wisconsin beer — well, it's not actually a Wisconsin beer. 

The Democratic candidate for governor likes Blue Moon, a witbier brewed by MillerCoors in Colorado. When he was informed that Blue Moon is not, in fact, a Wisconsin beer, he offered "the Cow one" as a second choice. That's Spotted Cow, the flagship farmhouse ale only available in Wisconsin and brewed by New Glarus Brewing Co. about 30 miles southwest of the state Capitol building. 

Gronik's Wisconsin beer credentials may be lacking, but he does have a long history of riding a Trek bicycle — the company was founded in Waterloo, Wisconsin — and tasting the various cheddars the state has to offer. 

He's also one of 10 major candidates vying for the opportunity to challenge Republican Gov. Scott Walker in November. 

Gronik is a political newcomer who has touted his "outsider" status throughout his campaign. He argues his experience helping businesses solve problems makes him uniquely qualified to do the same for state government. Cap Times political reporter Jessie Opoien spoke with him recently about the race he's running and what he would do as governor. Listen to this episode of Wedge Issues to learn what it means to Gronik to fight for his family, and what it was like to get fired by his dad — several times. 

You can read the Cap Times' previous coverage of Gronik's campaign here: 

Next week, we'll recap the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's state convention. And after that, we'll check in with Madison Mayor Paul Soglin (yes, we said we'd do that this week — but we mean it this time). 

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Jessie Opoien is the Capital Times' opinion editor. She joined the Cap Times in 2013, covering state government and politics for the bulk of her time as a reporter. She has also covered music, culture and education in Madison and Oshkosh.