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In Liz Mair, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has hired a strategist who isn't afraid to tell the world exactly what the f--k she thinks. 

It's not Mair's first time advising Walker — she led online communication efforts for his campaign when Democrats unsuccessfully tried to recall him in 2012 — but getting Mair on board this early in the 2016 game marks another big hire for the Republican governor's yet-to-be-officially-declared presidential campaign.

Mair's political consulting firm will advise Walker's fundraising committee, Our American Revival, on social media and blogger outreach, CNN reported on Monday. Associates Brittany Cover and Dan Blum will join her. 

Walker isn't the only potential 2016 candidate with whom Mair has worked — she's also consulted for Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry and Rand Paul. But as early as November 2014, Mair described Walker as a "formidable candidate" should he choose to run.

In a column for The Federalist, she noted his broad appeal across the GOP base, adding that the biggest hesitation some supporters may have is that his general election support has a "hard ceiling" because of the level of hatred toward him among Democrats and unions.

Mair advised in that column that Walker would need to "staff up, staff well, and staff fast" in order to expand his Wisconsin-centric operation to the scope needed to compete nationally. 

And on a prophetic note, she offered this: "He is another Republican who has been subjected to harsh scrutiny by the media and therefore may be under the misapprehension that he and his team are ready to deal with the spotlight that comes with running for president. Like all of them, except for those who have run before or been in a similarly-scrutinized position (Fiorina, as CEO of Hewlett Packard), if he thinks he’s ready to deal with the hell that may be about to ensue, he will be proved wrong."

Now, months later, she joins a team of communications advisers hired by Team Walker to prepare him for that "hell."

Mair is a no-holds-barred digital communicator. Her Twitter feed is full of observations and quips about candidates on the left and right. And if she doesn't like a candidate (looking at you, Rick Santorum), she's not afraid to share it. 

In a party that's still ironing out its approach on social issues, Mair is a rarity in her support of same-sex marriage and (with some exceptions) keeping abortion legal. Walker has taken some heat from social conservatives for hiring pro-choice staffers in the past.

Communications advisers and staffers are famous for answering questions and issuing statements with more spin than Rafael Nadal's forehand. But on Twitter, Mair rarely minces words.

After Walker's breakout Jan. 24 speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Mair tweeted (language edits courtesy of the Cap Times, not Mair): "Also, political reporters: As a general rule, Walker doesn't use notes, teleprompters, etc. He actually knows what the f--k he's saying."

Days later, on Jan. 30: "I f--king told you people Mitt Romney won't run for President again. #dontbelievethehype."

On foreign policy, she offered this on Jan. 14: "Let's all remember that for as much as Obama sucks on foreign policy, Romney was basically gunning for a trade war with China."

She followed that tweet up noting Mitt Romney's tendency to flip-flop on nearly every issue, noting that although she voted for him in 2012, "He sucks vs other Rs, always has. Totally untrustworthy."

"I f--king ran much of the oppo v Obama in 2008 and I've never voted for him, nor would I," she added. "Oppo" is short for opposition research, the job of investigating an opponent's background to find weaknesses to exploit.

Mair once noted that Rick Perry, a potential competitor for the self-admittedly follicly-challenged Walker, has "more presidential hair than just about anyone."

"(That is tremendously useful. No one else is psychologically prepared for what a f--king hell running for Prez actually is)," she added to that point.

Her observations are definitely not limited to her own party.

Just a few days ago, Mair tweeted about presumed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's email scandal, "Hillary may have a higher IQ than Bill and objectively be smarter, but man when it comes to optics and basic politics, she's pretty dumb."

Asked to explain, she added this: "The f--king press conference today and her whole handling of this email stuff? Are you paying any attention?"

Mair also has some strong opinions on Iowa, which holds the first nominating contest of the presidential election. That's raising some eyebrows among Hawkeye State conservatives. The Iowa Republican's Craig Robinson wrote on Monday that Mair "appears not to be a big fan of Iowans," raising the question of how her perspective will mesh with Walker's attempts to court caucus voters.

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"The sooner we remove Iowa's frontrunning status, the better off American politics and policy will be," Mair tweeted on Jan. 24, the day of the Freedom Summit. The same day, she tweeted, "In other news, I see Iowa is once again embarrassing itself, and the GOP, this morning. Thanks, guys."

And the one that caught Robinson's eye, just a few weeks after Walker came out in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard (reversing course from his previous position on ethanol mandates): "Morons across America are astounded to learn that people from *IOWA* grow up rather government-dependent. #agsubsidies #ethanol #brainless."

Not every colorful quip is quite so profane. Tweeting a Jan. 14 Ezra Klein article about "why Paul Ryan was smart to pull out of the 2016 race early rather than late," Daily Caller managing editor Jim Antle added the comment: "[Todd Akin joke]."

"Scott Walker has a way of shutting that kind of thing down," Mair chimed in, riffing on Akin's controversial comments about rape.

Mair didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on whether her online approach will change once she's working for a potential 2016 candidate.

There's also no word on whether Mair's addition to the team will influence Walker's own famously bland digital communication style.

"Listened to #CheapTrick while getting my hair cut this morning," the governor tweeted in August 2014.

"Church, hot ham & rolls, then off with Matt to get some new dress shoes," he he informed the world in July 2013.

And in January 2014, more ham: "Got hot ham & rolls at Fattoni's deli after church. Now watching playoff game (Wish Packers were playing)."

For more on that, check this Washington Post article that takes a deeper dive into the governor's "brilliantly boring Twitter feed."

Or see this June 2013 tweet and this one from July of that year for more on Walker's ham sandwiches.

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