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Duffy and Walker

U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, left, interviewed Scott Walker at the state Republican convention last weekend.

Gov. Scott Walker has an analogy he uses to explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans to college students: Democrats are like taxi cabs, and Republicans are like Uber or Lyft.

Walker, when asked by U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy in an interview for Duffy's "Plaidcast" podcast how to get young people excited about politics, noted that both of his sons served as statewide chairs of the Wisconsin College Republicans.

Walker said he's visited about a dozen college campuses in the last year to speak to their College Republicans groups. He said he touts two things: the job prospects for college graduates, which he attributes to Republican policies, and his six-year tuition freeze.

Then, he said, he asks students to raise their hands if they've ever been in a taxi — "hardly any hands go up." Then he asks how many have been in an Uber or Lyft vehicle — "every single hand goes up."

"The difference between a Democrat and a Republican is the difference between a taxi cab and Uber or Lyft," Walker said. "Taxis are in big cities where Democrats overwhelmingly ran, and they require you to have a license, pay a fee. They restrict how long you can work, where you can work. There's all sorts of restrictions. That's what Democrats do: they tell you what to do, when to do it and where to do it. Republicans are like Uber or Lyft. They don't care whether you do one car ride a day or 50 car rides a day. They don't care whether it's a hobby or full-time. They don't really care as long as you don't hurt the health and safety of your neighbor. As Republicans we say just go out and do your own thing."

Walker said when he makes this analogy, it's like the students are "hit with a two-by-four" — even the "kids who come and really thought they'd be annoyed with me."

Walker chatted with Duffy on the Republican-friendly show on Saturday in Milwaukee, following a day of speeches at the GOP state convention

Asked to name his favorite Star Wars character, Walker gave the obvious answer: Luke Skywalker. Asked to choose his favorite Assembly Democrat, Walker went with former Minority Leader Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, who stepped down from the post last fall facing pressure from within his caucus.

"Oddly enough, I like Peter Barca," Walker said. "I don't always agree with his politics, but he's a pretty straight shooter, and that's probably part of the reason why he got kicked out … they wanted somebody who's angry all the time."

Favorite Culver's item? Deep fried cheese curds, followed by a banana shake.

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And what about the philosophy behind his famously bland social media presence

"A lot of it is just, here are things I like," Walker said.

Duffy interrupted: "You had a picture of just a piece of pizza, or your Culver's burger with a Miller High Life right behind it. That's great artwork that you're popping up there."

Walker then shared a tip: "Actually, if you go onto Google Photos, which is a great app, you can actually get it to bedazzle your pictures along the way and sparkle along the way." 

You can download the app and bedazzle your own photos here.

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