We've pulled together the festival's videos and stories so far, including discussions with Eric Holder and Ilhan Omar, plus sessions about COVID-19, policing, racial equity, climate change and more. The festival runs through Oct. 10. See the full schedule at captimesideafest.com.

Even in the pre-pandemic landscape, educational equity, and how best to provide it, have been a massive issue in Madison. According to the 2013 Race to Equity Report, Dane County has one of the largest achievement gaps between students of color and their white peers in the nation. This theme of progress toward a more equitable vision of education underscored the entire discussion.

Since its expansion in the mid-1980s, the Wisconsin-based Bradley Foundation has grown to become one of the country’s foremost funding and str…

“We have some time before we get to a vaccine and that's why this concept of exponential (decrease) is so important,” Exact Sciences CEO Kevin Conroy said. “If you do take active steps to prevent transmission, we could significantly reduce the infection and the transmission rate, which could go a long ways towards doing what a vaccine would do, which is to hopefully wipe out the virus.”