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The Madsplainers podcast: COVID-19 threatens college students' mental health

The Madsplainers podcast: COVID-19 threatens college students' mental health

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For the weekly Madsplainers feature "On the Cover," Cap Times podcast producer Natalie Yahr gets the scoop from the reporters behind our latest cover story. 

As University of Wisconsin-Madison students head back to class with a mix of in-person and online courses, many are watching students’ physical health. The university has mandated coronavirus testing for students living in dorms and has been posting the number of tests and virus cases they detect online.

As Cap Times intern Sophie Bolich found, the pandemic is also taxing students' mental health and straining overburdened counseling services. This week on the podcast, Sophie breaks down her cover story, explaining how students and colleges are trying to adapt to continued uncertainty. 

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