A Chicago man who didn't like what a woman said about men ended up getting arrested for battery after he allegedly punched the woman in the face.

Samuel Erving, 24, was tentatively charged with battery, resisting/obstructing and disorderly conduct following his arrest early Friday morning by Madison police.

According to the incident report, a 24-year-old Madison woman was in line at a hot dog stand on North Frances Street at 1:30 a.m., when a man behind her in line made a suggestive comment to her.

"She told the man she has a boyfriend and she doesn't talk to guys like him," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

The woman told police another man standing nearby heard what she said. He said he didn't let women talk to him like that, even though her comment wasn't directed at him.

"He then allegedly punched her in the face, sending her to the ground," DeSpain said.

The woman and a girlfriend flagged down officers and pointed out the suspect, who was walking away.

"Officers found the suspect and were attempting to put him into handcuffs when he took off running," DeSpain said.

The foot chase went from West Gilman Street to Peace Park on State Street, up State Street toward the Capitol, and ended with his arrest on West Gorham Street.

"The suspect refused to give his name, then gave a bogus name, and it wasn't until his fingerprints were made at the Dane County Jail that we found out who he was," DeSpain said.


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