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A Lodi man found out Sunday that you can draw attention to yourself and eventually get arrested if you dress up as a cowboy with a plastic penis topping your hat — and have a partial gun in a holster.

Ronald McFarlane, 57, was arrested by Madison police on a tentative charge of disorderly conduct while armed after a concerned citizen called police, having seen him display a weapon to some teens in the 2700 block of East Washington Avenue at about 6:45 p.m. Sunday.

According to a police news release, the incident started on a Madison Metro bus.

"A 13-year-old girl began to laugh after noticing a passenger wearing a cowboy hat which had a plastic item in the shape of a man's private parts affixed to it," police spokesman Joel DeSpain said in the release.

As she giggled, the man pointed at her, then at his hip.

"She could see he had a holstered silver handgun," DeSpain said. "She said the man said something about not messing with him."

Both McFarlane and the girl got off the bus.

"She went to visit a boyfriend and later saw the man again at a bus stop," DeSpain said. "Her boyfriend and some of his friends got into a conversation with him about the weapon."

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McFarlane drew the gun from the holster and showed the teens he had taken the barrel and magazine off the gun.

A passerby didn't see the parts were missing and called police.

"The suspect told police he had a partial gun with him because it was Halloween," DeSpain said. "He also said something about 'concealed carry passes next week.'"

The new concealed carry gun law went into effect on Tuesday.