Based on the conversation being generated, it's clear that the title "coolest bathroom in Madison" isn't a settled issue yet.

Lindsay Christians wrote recently about the first-floor bathrooms in Nancy Nicholas Hall on the UW campus. Dubbed "Nature Calls," the men's and women's facilities feature a design patterned after a secluded stream, including countertops that look like they were made out of river pebbles. The sounds of chirping birds and a babbling brook are piped in to complete the experience.

The "Inside UW-Madison" e-newsletter for campus faculty and staff picked up the story and sent it around Tuesday morning, asking for other nominees for the campus' coolest bathrooms. By the end of the day, they had plenty of contenders.

"Waisman Center. 2nd floor by the elevators. Posh!" wrote one commenter, Michael. The facilities at the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery and the new Union South also got a couple of votes each.

"Union South has nice new ones with spiffy blade hand dryers," wrote another commenter named Brian.

And, of course, others weighed in on what the least attractive bathrooms on campus were, with the third-floor bathrooms in Lathrop Hall, and the Hoofer Sailing Club bathrooms being the top candidates. (Good news: the Hoofer bathrooms will be remodeled as part of Memorial Union construction.)

So, we thought it was high time to take the conversation off campus, and ask readers what you think are the swankiest, coolest bathrooms in Madison are. Post your replies in comments below, and you just might see your favorite W.C. profiled in a future story.

Our audience cultivation editor, P.J. Slinger, started the ball rolling by nominating the men's room at the Glarner Stube restaurant in New Glarus. It may not look like anything special, but the mammoth urinal is advertised as the largest in the Midwest. The restaurant even distributes postcards to customers with the legend "Don't be intimidated! Step right up!'

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