Josh Klemons

Josh Klemons

We asked motivated Madisonians: What’s your bright idea for 2016? Josh Klemons is a digital storyteller and strategist with Reverbal Communications. Find all of the 2016 bright ideas compiled here.

The saying goes, "think globally, act locally." The last few years have seen a real surge in popularity of online petition sites, all with varying approaches of a similar goal: to offer the opportunity to any citizen the ability to step up and make a difference in the world. Utilizing social media, anyone can come forward and try to pressure a government, a corporation or an organization towards a desired change. Sites like and We The People help people find and amplify their voice.

But most of these sites have a national, or even international, bent. We live in such an engaged, empowered, socially-minded city. In 2016, I'd love to see a style site emerge with a focus specifically on Madison and the surrounding areas. We should all continue to strive for a better world; but sometimes change starts at home.

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