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Bright Ideas 2020: Use mobile technology to address hunger

Bright Ideas 2020: Use mobile technology to address hunger


"Better Together" by Flavia Zimbardi, Caetano Calomino and Henrique Nardi along with teens from the Dane County Juvenile Detention Center (left) and "Squeeze the Life Outta Lemons" by Amos Paul Kennedy along with Darbo-Worthington Neighborhood Teens and other Madison teens are pictured. The works are part of the Madison Mural Alley located behind the Madison East Shopping Center.

Bright Ideas are back! Leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and people who are doing interesting things share their bright ideas for 2020 with the Cap Times. Find them posted here throughout the week and in print on Jan. 8.

In 2020, we will be unveiling an app that people can use to get food and other amenities delivered to their homes. It will be called Feeding Darbo’s Future, or FDF. The goal is to provide healthy food and toiletries to people around the Darbo-Worthington Neighborhood who aren’t able to get to the store or are facing difficult times financially.

We will launch the app in January 2020. We have been going door to door to have people sign up for it who are interested. The ultimate vision is it’s going to be an application that helps everyone in neighborhoods around Wisconsin.

The app itself will be a main database. People will open it and it will show what food and amenities we have in stock. People will be able to say what they need and then drivers who are employed by us will drop those things off at people’s homes instead of them having to go to a food pantry. This will be something people can do on their phone or tablet, and they can use it as many times as they need.

—As told to Nicholas Garton

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