To educate voters about the new voter ID law, Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell is enlisting help from the most malevolent force in the galaxy.

Well, okay, it’s the brother of the most malevolent force in the galaxy. Chad Vader, brother to Darth, and star of his own popular Madison-based web series, will appear in a new video explaining the law.

County clerks’ offices around the state have been thrown into a tizzy after the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals abruptly reinstated Gov. Walker’s Voter ID law. Hoping to reduce confusion, McDonell is planning a public education campaign that includes radio and TV ads to reach older voters.

But with most younger voters not watching much television or listening to much radio, a viral online video will have a much better chance of reaching them, McDonell said.

“They take in content differently,” McDonell said. “We want to have something that will get some attention.”

Using Chad Vader (voiced by Matt Sloan of Madison’s Blame Society Productions) worked in March, when McDonell’s office used to Chad to explain the county’s new ballot and laser-scanning voting system.

“Everyone was really happy with that,” McDonell said. “Your average PSA gets like 400 clicks. That got over 11,000.”

The video will be released a week or two before the November election for maximum impact. McDonell said he’s mostly finished with the script for the voter ID video, but didn’t want to spoil any of the jokes. He did say that Chad will initially have a little trouble with the law.

“Let’s just say he doesn’t think it was intended to apply to him,” McDonell said.

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