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Centro Hispano is one of 61 recipients of Kids Fund help this year

Centro Hispano is one of 61 recipients of Kids Fund help this year

Kids Fund logo Dec 2019

Among the 61 local nonprofits that received grants from the Capital Times Kids Fund during 2020 was Centro Hispano, the nearly 40-year-old organization that serves Dane County’s Hispanic community and which has a wide network of programs serving Latino youth.

In addition to a $3,000 grant to promote healthy eating, the Kids Fund board this year granted an additional $7,052 to the Latino Consortium for Action Emergency Relief Fund, which provides emergency financial help during the COVID-19 pandemic to the children of undocumented immigrants in our area. Centro Hispano is part of the consortium.

All told, the Kids Fund awarded $180,000 to programs that address the challenges facing young people who might otherwise fall through the cracks. The donations are all made possible by readers of the Cap Times who make their own contributions of all sizes.

Donations can be mailed to The Kids Fund, c/o The Capital Times, PO Box 8060, Madison WI 53708, or they can be made online at Just click on the "donate" button and make a contribution with your credit card.

Following is a list of recent donations:

Rosalie Breitenbach, Madison: $125

Perry Offerdahl, Madison: $10

Mary V.H. Jones, Madison: $50

Shelley Moffatt, Stoughton: $1,000

Beverly Wiseman, Cottage Grove: $25

Richard and Jane Endres, Waunakee: $35

Kathleen Saunders, Madison: $50

LeAnn Legler, Sun Prairie: $25

Leonard and Meredith Doom, Stoughton: $25

Larry Rubin, Monona: $50

Kristin Frederickson, Cottage Grove: $200

Nathan Brand, Miami, Florida: $1,000

Sandra Gehler: $100

Timo Seppalainen: $200

Erick Borchardt, Stoughton: $75

Henri and Kathleen Dutilly, Stoughton: $50

Arlan and Lorna Kay, Oregon: $100

Marcia Dana, Sun Prairie: $50

Evonna Cheetham, Madison: $200

Jeffrey C. Levy, Madison: $750

Marion Brown and Franklin Wilson, Madison: $50

Paul and Rosemarie Wieland, Fitchburg: $50

Steven Bach, Madison: $50

James O'Brien, Madison: $100

Bruce and Marjorie Cuthbert, Fitchburg: $25

Robert and Betty Kraemer, Plain: $25

Jill Jokela and Daniel Lickel, Madison: $50

Jon and Carol Coombe, Stoughton: $100

Bob and Becky Greiber, Stoughton: $20

LaJean Hoffman in honor of Grayle, Gabe and Abigail, Madison: $50

Richard and Mary Ihlenfeld, Madison: $75

Lucille O'Connor in memory of Frank, Belleville: $50

Rose Stuvetraa, Oregon: $15

Susan Policello, Middleton: $100

James Krogstad, Fitchburg: $200

Ginger and Joe Cissell, Fitchburg: $50

Don and Evelyn Breitenbach, McFarland: $100

Peggy Kiss, Stoughton: $5

Leo and Joyce Endres, Madison: $25

Shawn Munz, Monona: $25

Phillip and Lynn Hellmuth, Madison: $35

Evelyn Fox, Madison: $50

Beverly Duncan, Madison: $25

Barbara and Franklin Killary, Madison: $15

Erica Napoli and Martin Drapkin, Cross Plains: $50

Edward and Kathleen O'Connor, Belleville: $50

Kathleen Herman, Oregon: $50

Ruth Acker, Middleton: $50

Anonymous: $5

Janice and Bill Gavinski, Madison: $100

Anonymous: $50

Mary Anne and Joseph Lowndes, Madison: $100

Tom and Katherine Bier, Madison: $100

Frances and Paul Ervin, Madison: $10

Richard and Dianne Ottow, Madison: $50

Mary Collet, Madison: $50

Maureen Torphy, Madison: $2,000

Richard Lust, Verona: $125

Lee and Jacqui Swanson, Cross Plains: $50

R.W. and J.P. Lottridge, Madison: $100

Marjorie Davenport, Middleton: $25

Robert and Betsy Lee, Madison: $100

Patricia Offer, Cottage Grove: $25

Rachel Caruso, Madison: $25

Greg and Ann Landry, Middleton: $100

Fred Lee and Marjorie Dimaggio: $250

Charles Taylor, Madison: $100

Jim and Cindy Hoyt, Middleton: $100

Ed and Mary Lou Reisch, Madison: $100

Jane and Douglas Roughen, Madison: $50

Jerome and Marilynn Lawler, Madison: $100

Michael and Joan Hart, Madison: $200

Laura Hemming, Madison: $20

Marilyn Pauls, Mazomanie: $20

Boris Frank, Madison: $100

George and Alice Cunningham, Madison: $50

Anonymous: $10

Steven and Mary Kay Puntillo, Madison: $20

Wade Dallagrana and Christine Antonuzzo, Madison: $50

Barbara Pomarnke, Madison: $25

Paul and Lari Fanlund, Madison: $250

Jim and Sue Morrison, Madison: $25

Peter Fisher and Cyndy Galloway, Madison: $50

Walter and Barbara Karst, Madison: $25

Marvin and Patricia Meissen, Madison: $50

Judith and Mark Meyers, Madison: $50

Iris Brunner, Cross Plains: $25

Mary Frances Rowley, Madison: $40

James Steele, Madison: $25

Martha Hollis, McFarland: $30

Don and Joyce Knudtson, Madison: $50

Diane and Donna Morrissey, Madison: $25

Alan and Debra Gunderson, Waunakee: $30

Anna and John Besmer, Waunakee: $35

Florence Hellenbrand, Waunakee: $50

Jerilyn Dahmen in memory of Garbe Dahmen, Waunakee: $50

Stephen Morton, Madison: $1,000

Beverly Vitale, Madison: $30

Bill Ford, Madison: $3

Charlotte Woolf, Madison: $50

The family of Steve Jones, Madison: $120

C.W. Schulte, Edgerton: $30

Jennie Cruz, Fitchburg: $25

Kristine Koenen, Madison: $35

Mary Strickland, Madison: $150

Donald and Marguerite Parrell, Black Earth: $20

Carla and Dan Lynch, Verona: $250

Ron and Joyce Fargo, Blue Mounds: $50

Running total: $42,742

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