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The mail is still getting through but it's a little hard for companies to track their accounts, thanks to computer problems at the U.S. Postal Service.

Postal One!, the program used like a bank account by bulk mailers to make sure they have enough pre-paid postage in the system to do their mailings, went down Friday afternoon and isn't expected to be back up until late Tuesday afternoon at the earliest.

This is not good news for Bruce Virgin, co-owner of First Class Mailers Inc. in Madison, a company that brings 10 to 25 large bulk mailings to the post office every day.

"The post office said they can't access the national system," Virgin said. "It could be days before it's back up."

Eric Reiger, a business mail technician at Madison's main post office on Milwaukee Street, said the computer glitch doesn't effect delivery of mail, just businesses trying to access their accounts.

"The mail still gets out, it's just that bulk mailers can't access their balance sheets," Reiger said.

Bulk mail postage is pre-paid, with the Postal Service keeping track of how much money a company has available to pay for their bulk mailings.

Infrequent bulk mailers normally bring a check to the post office to cover the postage costs for the mailing, but large-scale mailers use Postal One! to keep track of their postage costs.

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Virgin is hoping the computer problem is fixed in a hurry.

"We're a multi-million dollar business," he said. "We deposit funds into our permit account and we can't get access to it."


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