Paul Malischke

Dear Editor: The Capital Times editorialized about the recent effort of the Government Accountability Board to get correct information from 85,000 voters whose data failed to match with their driver's license or state identification card. Voters who responded were frustrated because the GAB phone lines were overwhelmed.

Nine other states have found a better way to handle this: by allowing voters to register online. In order to ensure integrity, it is restricted to those who have either a state driver's license or a state identification card. The voter enters their information, and it is immediately verified. This eliminates later follow-up. It is more convenient for the voters, and easier for election administrators. This fall, the Legislature should evaluate legislation to allow Wisconsin voters to register online.

Don't ignore the successes of the GAB. Last year, they launched Voter Public Access, which allowed voters to check their registration online. In a two-day period, 120,000 voters checked that they were in the system and found the location of their polling place.

For more information about online voter registration, search YouTube for Wisconsin online voter registration.

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Paul Malischke