Graze serves its Magic Coffee on the sidewalk during the Dane County Farmers' Market on Saturdays.

Mondays through Fridays, Cap Times staffers share their pop culture fixations:

A couple weeks ago, I accompanied chef Tory Miller on his Saturday morning Dane County Farmers' Market run for a story. At the end of the two-hour excursion, I declared my need for coffee and glanced over at Colectivo. One of Miller's assistants ("foragers") looked at me with wide eyes and said, "Oh no, you should have Magic Coffee."

I have to admit, "Magic Coffee" sounded a little odd to me at first. It made me think of "Special Brownies." (Maybe that's the point?) But I soon found it's absolutely worthy of its name. Magic Coffee is sweet, creamy and, as Miller himself warned me, chock full of caffeine. It's like a latte on steroids. According to the Graze beverage menu, it has half and half, cinnamon, brown sugar, coffee and espresso. It's absolutely wonderful — especially if you don't mind being wired on caffeine and sugar for the next, oh, five hours.

I can't wait for Saturday to get my next fix. ...though I may not wait. Magic Coffee is on Graze's menu every day, for $4.50.