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Chad Vader confronts the Force that is Voter ID

Chad Vader confronts the Force that is Voter ID

chad vader scott mcdonnell

Dane County Clerk Scott uses Chad Vader (voiced by Matt Sloan of Madison’s Blame Society Productions) in a 2014 video to explain the county’s new ballot and laser-scanning voting system.

This November, every voter needs to have an ID — whether the Force is with them or not.

The Dane County Clerk’s Office released a new video Friday explaining Wisconsin’s new voter ID law and starring Chad Vader, star of the popular Madison-based web series. Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell had previously enlisted the brother of the Dark Lord to explain the county’s new laser scanning systems.

In the video, Chad (played by Aaron Yonda, voiced by Matt Sloan) goes to the polls and learns that nobody is exempt from the law. “I made a rather large contribution to the Senate Imperial Reelection Committee. This puny law is not intended for a Lord of the Sith. It’s for rebel scum like yourself.”

But it does apply, and Chad has to head to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get an ID. McDonell said last month he hopes the video will reach younger voters who might not be tuned in to radio or TV ads.

“They take in content differently,” McDonell said. “We want to have something that will get some attention.”

The ad is strenuously non-political on the controversial voter ID law, but does show the DMV as a purgatory where Chad has to wait in line at length, harried by an undisciplined youngster who bangs on his helmet.

Eventually Chad gets his ID and is able to vote, although he’s less successful trying to woo poll worker Sarah (Madison comedian Sarah Connor).

“Looks like I’ve been exiled to the friend sector,” Chad muses. “At least I don’t need a voter ID for that.”

Watch the video:

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