Castle Rock

Lizzy Caplan plays nurse Annie Wilkes, the central character of Stephen King's "Misery," on the new season of "Castle Rock."

I blame the Cryptkeeper. The skeletal host of HBO’s “Tales From The Crypt” never could resist a good horror-related pun to close out an episode. Ever since, writers who talk about horror movies seem contractually obligated to use some kind of wordplay in writing about horror, even when it comes to streaming content.

Oh, fine. SCREAMING content. There.

Anyway, Netflix, Hulu and the other streaming sites are not surprisingly beefing up their horror slate in October to take advantage of the pre-Halloween appetite for chills and thrills. It’s a great time to catch up on shows like “Dark” on Netflix or the “Into The Dark” anthology series on Hulu.

Once you’ve done that, here’s what other creepy delights are coming in October:

Netflix: For what it's calling "Netflix and Chill," Netflix has a new scary movie planned for every Friday in October. On Oct. 4, it’s “In the Tall Grass,” an adaptation of a chilling novella by King and Joe Hill (his son and a terrific horror writer in his own right), about a brother and sister who get lost in a field of tall grass. Oct. 11 brings “Fractured,” in which Sam Worthington loses his wife and son in a creepy hospital.

On Oct. 18, “Eli,” another spooky medical tale, debuts. This movie centers on a terminally ill boy undergoing experimental treatments from a mysterious doctor. Finally, “Rattlesnake” (Oct. 25) stars Carmen Ejogo as a single mother who must repay the woman who saved her daughter’s life — by killing someone else.

Hulu: The scary show I’m most looking forward to on Hulu (for "Hulu-ween") is the second season of “Castle Rock,” which mishmashes different threads of the Stephen King literary universe into something fresh and unnerving. This season brings a mysterious nurse named Annie Wilkes (Lizzy Caplan) to King’s fictional Maine town.

Hulu also has a pair of scary original movies, the zombie comedy “Little Monsters” starring Lupita N’Yongo on Oct. 11 and the much more serious “Wounds” (Oct. 18), starring Armie Hammer as a bartender who finds a strange cell phone left behind at his bar. Plus, there’s also a new installment of “Into The Dark,” “Uncanny Annie,” about a group of teens who find an ominous-looking board game and decide to play it. Because that always turns out well.

Amazon Video: Amazon is surprisingly light on Halloween content, although there are some kid-friendly spooky shows premiering new seasons, including “Costume Quest” (Oct. 11) and a “If You Give a Mouse A Cookie Halloween Special” (Oct. 25). Oh, I just hope things don’t get out of hand when they give that mouse that cookie!

Shudder: You have to know that the streaming service devoted to horror 24/7 would get into Halloween in a big way. October brings the final few episodes of Season 1 of Shudder’s reboot of “Creepshow” (yet another Stephen King adaptation!) as well as an anthology movie, “Nightmare Cinema.” Oct. 29 features shorts by some great horror directors, including Joe Dante and Mick Garris.

Shout Factory TV: The free streaming channel of the retro DVD company has double features every night in October — one classic horror movie like “Sleepaway Camp” and “Slumber Party Massacre” followed by a creepy episode of “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

Acorn: The big get for this streaming channel, which specializes in shows from England, Canada, Australia and elsewhere, is a new “Agatha Raisin” TV movie. Ashley Jensen plays M.C. Beaton’s fashionable sleuth in this series of comedic mysteries, and in “Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House,” Agatha looks into the murder of the owner of a mansion reportedly infested with spooks.

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