For a limited time, Kwik Trip is selling potato chips inspired by its glazed donuts for $1.99, (the same price as a six-pack of donuts).

There are two times during the day when I really crave a donut.

One, obviously, is in the morning. There’s something about coming into work and seeing that beautiful box of donuts that a co-worker brought in that makes everything okay.

The second, oddly enough, is late at night on the road. I’ll go see a concert in Milwaukee, and stop in at a Kwik Trip to gas up for the drive home. Kwik Trip has over 350 locations around Wisconsin, and has been serving up Glazers glazed donuts and other confections since 2003.

They’ll have that big display case of pastries and donuts near the register, and against my better judgment, it just sounds awfully good to grab one to eat in the car. The downside, of course, in addition to the shame of eating a midnight donut is that you get frosting all over the steering wheel.

Well, Kwik Trip seems to have read my mind (or seen my steering wheel). Because, for a limited time, you can buy Glazers Glazed Donut Potato Chips in their stores for a limited time only.

When I bought a six-ounce bag ($1.99) recently, the nice woman working behind the register asked if I had tried them yet. When I said no, and asked if she had tried them, she used that word that, in the six years I’ve done the Yeah, I Ate That column, I’ve heard the most from employees who want to give an honest opinion about one of their products without getting fired.

“They’re interesting!” she said.

They are, indeed, interesting. They look like any other plain potato chip – no dusting of white frosting or anything else visible. But when you take that first bit, the sugar rush that hits your taste buds is intense. The chips entirely bypass the taste of donuts to focus on the taste of the glazed icing on a Glazer donut.

It’s a strange experience, because your brain has been trained to expect a salty flavor when eating potato chips, and instead gets a lightning bolt of sweetness. Even weirder, the brain seems to adjust to the new information within a few bites, and suddenly the chip tastes like a regular, unsalted potato chip.

I’m not sure there’s much of a market for ultra-sweet potato chips – I’ll bet Kwik Trip sells a lot of first bags of Glazers but not many second bags. Still, for those of us craving that late-night glazed donut taste, but don’t want to have their fingers stick to the steering wheel afterwards, it’s pretty sweet.

Rob Thomas is the features editor and social media editor for the Capital Times, as well as its film critic. He joined the Cap Times in 1999 and has written about movies, music, food and books.