A city alder recently proposed penalizing restaurants for serving beverages with plastic straws.

When food and drink converge with city politics, we have the podcast for you: The Mad Corner Table-splainers! No, wait -- the Mad Table. The Cornsplainers?

For today's show, Corner Table host Lindsay Christians has teamed up with Abby Becker and Erik Lorenzsonn of the Madsplainers to tackle a big topic that overlaps with their respective beats: plastic straws.

Restaurants and consumers are increasingly pushing back against the use of plastic straws due to concerns about plastics pollution. At the same time, disability rights advocates are raising concerns about the movement's implications for diners who rely on those straws. 

In this episode, Erik, Abby and Lindsay break down the history of the anti-plastic straw movement, how it's manifested in Madison, a plan for a plastic straw restriction that has been proposed by a Madison alder, and the way this debate may or may not be igniting bigger conversations about the environment, activism and access.

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