At the Great Taste of the Midwest, the beer lover's cup runneth over.

The annual craft beer festival will bring 190 breweries to the shoreline of Lake Mendota in Olin Park this year on Aug. 11, serving up about 1,400 different kinds of beer. It's a carnival of sudsy delights, and a regional favorite for beer nuts: Tickets for the event sell out notoriously quickly.

Corner Table host Lindsay Christians is taking a well-deserved break from the podcast studio, so we're bringing you some of our favorite episodes from the Corner Table archives. Today, we revisit Lindsay's conversation with Isthmus food and beer critic Kyle Nabilcy about his visit to the 2017 Great Taste of the Midwest. 

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Food editor and arts writer Lindsay Christians has been writing for the Cap Times since 2008. She hosts the food podcast The Corner Table and runs a program for student theater critics. Member @AFJEats and @ATCA. She/ her/ hers.