When musicians play gigs in coffeeshops, it can sometimes be a treat for customers but a pain for the performer. The venue might tuck the musician into an uncomfortable corner, drown out their music with clamor and chatter, and pay with "exposure" instead of cash. 

That's why the local singer-songwriter Cait Sirianni opened the Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Cafe on Monroe Street. The cafe doubles as a music venue, creating an environment that pairs coffee with intimate concerts featuring local and regional artists.

Lindsay's taking some time away from the podcast studio, so for the month of July, we're bringing you some of our favorite episodes from the past year. This week, we're revisiting Lindsay's conversation with Sirianni about how the musician created a space where food, drink and music share equal footing.

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Since 2008, Lindsay Christians has been writing about fine arts and food for The Capital Times. She loves eating at the bar, going to the theater, fine wine and good stories. She lives on the east side with her husband, two cats and too many cookbooks.