From left, PT Bjerke is a co-founder and microgreens farmer, and Jamaal Stricklin is sales director at SuperCharge! Foods in Madison. They join Lindsay Christians on the podcast this week to talk about the benefits of fresh juice. 

After the excess of the holidays, many of us want to give our bodies a chance to reset with extra fruits and vegetables.

This week on the podcast, two founders of SuperCharge! Foods, a microgreens farm and juice bar on East Washington Avenue in Madison, join Lindsay Christians to talk about what a juice cleanse can do. While the weight loss and other benefits may be short term, a cleanse can offer a mental boost. 

"Once you change your diet, it's a little easier to make those changes," Bjerke said. "Your system has been flushed of some its addictions to processed sugars and things like that." 

This podcast was produced in conjunction with this week's cover story, "The Big Squeeze." Find it online or in print on racks around Madison. 

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