From where a diner stands, food festivals are great. Everything's cheap, or cheap-ish, and designed to be carried around on a stick or in a paper boat. You get to try a lot of different things from a lot of different places, maybe turning you on to a new tavern or ramen spot or doughnut shop. 

Francesco Mangano, chef and owner of Osteria Papavero in downtown Madison, knows it's a little more complicated on the back end. With two food-centric festivals coming up in Madison in the next few weeks — Makeshift, food/arts festival that rotates through Madison parks, on Sunday, Aug. 12 and Yum Yum Fest, an annual celebration from the chefs' network, on Sunday, Aug. 19 in Breese Stevens Field — it was time to hear from someone who's been behind the scenes. 

This week on the podcast, Francesco talks about the joys and challenges of making food that's good, quick, interesting and most importantly, fits in a little paper boat. Get hungry. 

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Since 2008, Lindsay Christians has been writing about fine arts and food for The Capital Times. She loves eating at the bar, going to the theater, fine wine and good stories. She lives on the east side with her husband, two cats and too many cookbooks.