10/2/2019: Cover Story (copy)

Autumn Neugent opens the first of two doors at Marigold Kitchen. Push button openers make access easier but are not required by the ADA.

For some Madison residents, going out to eat isn't as simple as showing up at a restaurant. It can be a process of figuring out whether the building has a wheelchair ramp, whether the noise level inside is too high for a hearing aid to work, whether the bathrooms are usable, or if it's too crowded to navigate in a mobility scooter.

Cap Times food editor Lindsay Christians wrote about the issue of accessibility in restaurants for her latest cover story, "A seat at the table: Disability advocates push for better access when dining out." On today's Corner Table, she talks with Rob Thomas about what she learned from her reporting -- the work disability rights groups are doing to promote restaurant accessibility, the difficulty of getting older buildings in alignment with modern standards, and what it means for a business to signal to customers with disabilities, "You are welcome here."

This spring, The Corner Table released a short series called Making a Restaurant about how restaurants are built from the first idea, financing, the design and the menu. To get started, go here. We also did a live podcast with chef Nyanyika Banda of Martha's Daughter in Duluth, available here

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