The State Capitol Christmas Tree is displayed in the state Capitol rotunda.

It's hard to say which is the better pairing: Cheese and wine, or the Cap Times' respective food and politics podcasts. Luckily, you get both on this very special holiday crossover episode of the Corner Table and Wedge Issues.

Political reporter and Wedge Issues host Jessie Opoien has made a point of asking candidates for state political office about their favorite Wisconsin cheeses. For this holiday special, she brought in samples of the cheeses into the studio to share over some Champagne with Corner Table host Lindsay Christians and wine aficionado Bob Hemauer. 

This one's for both fans of Wedge Issues and the Corner Table, so we've run the episode on both show feeds. Enjoy!

If you want to recreate the fun at home, here are the featured cheeses:

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Since 2008, food editor Lindsay Christians has been writing about fine arts and food for The Capital Times. She loves eating at the bar, going to the theater, sparkling wine and good stories. She lives in Madison with two cats and too many cookbooks.