Tera Johnson, director and founder of Food Finance Institute, gives advice to aspiring restaurateurs on how to finance the launch of a new food enterprise.

As the food editor of the Cap Times, Lindsay Christians has always had questions about how a restaurant gets made. How do you design a menu? What is it like to get a building up to code? What makes a memorable logo? How do you figure out what your restaurant should sound like, or smell like, or feel like?

With Making a Restaurant, a new mini-series of the Corner Table, Lindsay is getting some answers.

Making a Restaurant will feature interviews with experts on finance, design, menu creation, architecture and all the other things restaurateurs need to think about when turning their idea into a brick-and-mortar reality.

On today's episode, Lindsay's guest is Tera Johnson, a food entrepreneur and founder of the Food Finance Institute. Years after founding the successful supplement business Tera's Whey, Johnson makes a living advising aspiring restaurateurs on how to manage and raise the money behind their food enterprise, through boot camps, consulting and her podcast Edible-Alpha. Johnson talks with Lindsay about her own history as an entrepreneur, where the money needed to open a new restaurant comes from, and what it's like to teach someone who has devoted their life to food or drink about finance.

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