GRAFT (copy)

Graft is one of the many restaurant projects that the architect Melissa Destree has helped design in Madison.

As the food editor of the Cap Times, Lindsay Christians has always had questions about how a restaurant gets made. How do you design a menu? What is it like to get a building up to code? What makes a memorable logo? How do you figure out what your restaurant should sound like, or smell like, or feel like?

With Making a Restaurant, a new mini-series of the Corner Table, Lindsay is getting some answers.

Making a Restaurant will feature interviews with experts on finance, design, menu creation, architecture and all the other things restaurateurs need to think about when turning their idea into a brick-and-mortar reality.

On today's episode, Lindsay talks with Melissa Destree, the architect and designer behind Destree Architecture & Design, who has helped build out Madison restaurants like Graft, Bonfyre American Grill and Casetta Kitchen. In their conversation, Destree pulls from her 18 years of experience in the business to talk about her soup-to-nuts approach to design, why restaurants are getting louder, and the "nightmare of sprinkler systems" in historic building renovations.

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