Wash your hands

Does your restaurant have the right set up for washing hands? If not, restaurant consultant Cheri Schweitzer will spot it. 

As the food editor of the Cap Times, Lindsay Christians has always had questions about how a restaurant gets made. How do you design a menu? What is it like to get a building up to code? What makes a memorable logo? How do you figure out what your restaurant should sound like, smell like, or feel like?

With Making a Restaurant, a mini-series of the Corner Table podcast, Lindsay gets some answers.

Making a Restaurant features interviews with experts on finance, design, menu creation and architecture. On today's episode, Lindsay's guest is Cheri Schweitzer, founder of Credible Consulting.

Cheri is a restaurant consultant and a former county health inspector. She’s the person restaurants call when they want to start making charcuterie in house, or they’re losing money and can’t figure out why. She and Lindsay talk about why she keeps a thermometer in her purse and how inspecting kitchens has affected how she dines out. 

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Coming soon: The Corner Table held its first live podcast with chef Nyanyika Banda last night at Old Sugar Distillery. Stay tuned for that audio to post soon! 

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