Muramoto Downtown at 108 King St. flooded with melted snow that caused part of the ceiling to collapse.

A few drops on Saturday night turned into a deluge on Sunday, when melted snow on the roof of 108 King St. flooded the downtown Muramoto. 

Shinji Muramoto, the sushi restaurant's owner, said part of the ceiling collapsed. 

"All the snow on the roof melted but the drainpipe was still frozen," Muramoto said on Monday afternoon. "The landlord found eight inches of water on the roof.

"The water had nowhere to go but through the ceiling. About two hours ago, (the leak) finally slowed down." 

Building owner Nicholas Schiavo had an office upstairs that got flooded as well, Muramoto said. He's unsure about damage to the floors, though of course they're wet. He said the businesses next door, Morris Ramen (106 King St.) and the former Ancora Coffee (110 King St.) were not damaged. 

"We have to make sure the drainpipes from the rooftop are working fine, and all the water is gone on the roof," he said. "We have to dry all the floors, and we have to replace the ceiling. So I don’t know how long it’s going to take." 

Muramoto said the building damage will be covered by Schiavo's insurance, and Muramoto has insurance for business losses. Some staff might be able to pick up a few hours at Sushi Muramoto at Hilldale, but downtown staff already had to throw away a lot of food, he said. 

Muramoto lost a different restaurant at this location, 43 North, in 2016. A sewage line in the basement was clogged and caused flooding, leading to months of closure and repairs. 

"This is the second worst," Muramoto said of the disasters in his 15 years running restaurants in Madison. "I hope we can be back open by Valentine’s Day. We have 10 days." 

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