Francesca Hong is the owner of Morris Ramen on King Street. 

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I would love every restaurant, food and beverage shop in Madison to have a Service Industry Workers’ Day, where 5% of every bill goes to a health care fund.

Minneapolis has a nonprofit called Serving Those Serving. There are restaurants that put something on their bill: “This is an additional 4% that we use only for funding healthcare benefits for our employees.”

This would be a day where there would be a (notice) at every table that explains it’s a tip from you, the customer. Like, if you can give $2, this is something you can do today to serve those who are serving you.

My massive dream is a community care center where service industry people can go to find resources, whether it be joining group therapy or getting training in mental health or peer support. A lot of problems are common among industry members. It would be amazing if we had a center where people could go.

When it comes to mental health discourse in the service industry, it’s a diverse and complex array of problems. Not everything is going to be as simple as, “Here are some funds so you can go to the therapist today.” Whether it’s long-term care or addiction treatment, ongoing treatment for depression or anxiety, it’s so vast. Sometimes just knowing that there’s a little bit from someone else who cares can go a long way.

— as told to Lindsay Christians

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