Trump radism

I have to admit I began loathing Donald Trump the day he accused Barack Obama of being born in Kenya, insinuating he wasn't an American citizen and really was a Muslim.

Here was one of the country's supposedly richest men, who commanded unlimited TV appearances, was the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and was "admired" for his flashy Playboy lifestyle, using that status to disparage a black man who happened to be the president.

His filthy anti-Obama crusade was solid evidence that this laughable example of a human being was nothing more than a bona fide racist. That he was willing to serve as the chief spokesman for the perennially discredited "birther" movement only underscored that racism. Don't tell me otherwise.

If you look back at those birthers, you'll see the same white supremacists, KKKers and Nazi sympathizers who we're seeing so much more of since Americans picked this racist to be president of a country that has stood for everything that they do not.

All you had to do was watch his presidential campaign to understand what kind of person he is.

But millions of Americans were willing to overlook how he appealed to the worst instincts of ignorant people who mysteriously believe that Adolf Hitler, the KKK grand wizards and other fascist bigots have the right answers to improve their sorry lives. And please don't tell me that they're misunderstood, they're just ordinary Americans who feel left behind by their government. They've been left behind because they're bigoted and, in one word, evil.

Anyone who was paying attention last fall could have predicted Trump's Charlottesville performance, his inability to call out racists and inclination to go easy on fearmongers. It's how he created his base and was able to flummox too many voters who were sure he would change after taking office.

Few racists can ever change. And, unless his own party and the rest of America start to hold this man accountable, we had better be prepared for many more of these embarrassments.

Donald Trump should never have been president. It will forever be our shame that he actually is.

Dave Zweifel is editor emeritus of The Capital Times. and on Twitter @DaveZweifel

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