My name is Cynthia Kaump. I am a financial professional and mother, former public servant, journalist, and union member, and a candidate to be your next Wisconsin state treasurer. I am running in this election because the people of Wisconsin voted overwhelming in April to keep this office. We have seen a worrying concentration of power in Wisconsin, with the governor and Office of the Attorney General overseeing virtually the entire government. That is anti-democratic and dangerous regardless of who is in charge. The state treasurer is assigned the duties of the state banker and investor. I have the unique experience, relationships and passion to lead the Office of State Treasurer to fulfilling all of its existing duties and restoring and expanding the office to be the strong financial guardian the people of Wisconsin deserve.

I am the former and very last director of communications and community outreach for Wisconsin's Office of State Treasurer. I personally managed teams and programs which set state and national records for performance such as Unclaimed Property. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, we returned record amounts of money to the people of Wisconsin who needed it most, totaling $100 million. I created a mini-economic stimulus package for our state's economy with careful and strategic outreach and auditing to support that program and the people of Wisconsin. I will ensure the Unclaimed Property program is transferred back to the Office of State Treasurer and use revenue it generates to fund public schools and create new programs to provide money for victims of crime, track down waste, fraud and abuse and teach financial literacy to our children.

I own two businesses in Wisconsin. I am also a licensed financial adviser working for one of the oldest financial firms in the state, founded by a woman, dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible investing with more than 4,000 clients. I am part of a team overseeing a portfolio valued at upward of $600 million. As an award-winning investigative journalist I sought out and told the stories of struggling people, held the cruel and corrupt accountable, and was trusted by viewers all over the state to deliver the truth.

I am a public school graduate. My daughter is in Madison Public Schools. My father was a guidance counselor at my public high school, and my mother was a UW-Madison professor. Public schools exist for the greater good of us all. As state treasurer I would use my financial and investment experience to ensure investments made through the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands direct as much money as possible to the Common School Fund while avoiding acquiring risk that would put our school funding in jeopardy. I will always fiercely advocate against any proposal to undermine our public schools and fiscal support to them.

I work daily with people who are financially uncertain and help them build a better financial future for themselves, their children, and grandchildren. Our financial situation in the state is dire. We need a state treasurer who can run the office on Day One, fight in the Legislature and administration to restore and expand its powers, and communicate with the people of Wisconsin. I am the only candidate who can do this, I have the unique experience and the passion to build a better financial future for Wisconsin. I hope to earn your vote Aug. 14.

Cynthia Kaump is a Democratic candidate for Wisconsin treasurer.

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