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Green Bay's largest employer, Georgia-Pacific, owns this paper plant on the Fox River. It used to be called Fort James Corp.

The level of distrust in the halls of state government has reached the copy machine.

Recently, staffers at the Department of Transportation noted that the state's brand of white copy paper had suddenly switched from International Paper to Georgia-Pacific.

 And by now, everbody in Wisconsin knows the Koch brothers  for their support of Gov. Scott Walker and the infamous crank call from the David Koch imposter to Walker.

So the assumption among conspicary theorists was the state's switch to Georgia-Pacific for its copy paper was some sort of political payback to the Koch boys.

But while that scenario would have made for a juicy scandal, it's not the way things went down.

The contract in question was actually rebid last May and June --- while Gov. Jim Doyle was in office -- and was awarded to the lowest cost bidder through the Request for Bid process, according to Carla Vigue of the Department of Administration.

The previous vendor was Xpedx with IP Great White copy paper. The new vendor is Unisource with GP Spectrum copy paper. Here are the details.