My name is Casey Helbach. I’m running to be state senator for the 27th Senate District of Wisconsin.

I’m running because I’m not a fan of career politicians.

When I entered the ballot booth in 2014, I noticed that no one even bothered to run against the incumbent state senator, Jon Erpenbach. I left disappointed, but not confused.

You see, the re-election rate for Wisconsin state senators is over 90 percent. For that matter, the re-election rate of ALL politicians in ALL states is over 90 percent. Is it any wonder that many incumbents go unchallenged? How do outsiders have a chance?

I have no political experience. I do have tons of life experience. UW-Stevens Point grad in Spanish and business. I’ve owned and operated multiple small businesses. Married for 30 years. Parent of four vivacious kids. Traveled to 43 foreign countries with my family in order to give them a well-rounded perspective. I’m on the board of a Honduran orphanage. Lastly, I’m a damn good fly fisherman in a state that has some of the best trout fishing in the country.

I’ve never been afraid to tackle a challenge. So, what’s my plan to win in a predominantly Democrat district?

Highway billboards and going door to door in District 27.

"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" was a thought-provoking movie about a mother who wanted justice for her daughter's murder. She took matters into her own hands by renting three billboards to provoke the local authorities to act.

I’m using three different themes for the highway billboards you’ll see just outside of Madison to provoke local voters to think outside the political box.

A privilege, NOT a paycheck

The American political system was not designed for career politicians, it was designed for citizen-legislators. Let’s elect people who have real-world experience with budgets, payrolls, taxes and regulations and put them on the Joint Finance Committee instead of career politicians.

Term limits are a good idea. Old, tired politicos are forced out so that new, fresh voices can be heard. Term limits alone won’t solve the problems, but we can’t begin to solve many problems without them.

It’s a privilege to be the people's representative, not just a paycheck.

First 30K tax-free

Wisconsin’s income tax is one of the highest in the nation. We tax income from your first dollar earned. I propose eliminating income tax on your first $30,000 of income. That money is spent on the necessities of life no matter what your income is. This will not only give your takehome pay a boost, but will also attract new workers to our state from high-tax states like Illinois.

Civility or civil war?

The United States of America is at a crossroads. A growing number of Americans will not open their minds to other ways of thinking. They’ve chosen CNN or Fox. Is this healthy? Passionate discussion of challenges we face is healthy. Politicians and media figures who encourage physical opposition to those who disagree is unhealthy and will lead unstable people down dark paths.

As I’ve gone door to door in places like Mount Horeb, New Glarus and Middleton, I’ve found that people don’t mind you taking the time and effort to say hi, and inform them of your campaign. So, whether I win or lose on Nov. 6, my hope is that more of us will get involved in Badger State politics.


Casey Helbach is the Republican candidate for Senate District 27.

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