Silas Ritchie is a Milwaukee native who has found his home in Madison since receiving a double lung transplant from UW Health 4 years ago. From larger than life animals depicted within an exaggerated reality, to a close up introspection of the world and its contours through the photographic lens, it is clear that Silas sees the world in a different way. His works portray somewhat comically foreboding visions of familiar places and symbols weaved between the real and the unreal.

The world of SiRealism weaves itself between the real and the imagined. The landscapes are alien yet somehow familiar. Human civilization is present, but humanity is not. The animals are real but out of place.

Traveling through life we oscillate between different pathways, the direction in which we point our physical bodies and the neural pathways of the brain, connecting a memory to a smell, an idiom to a twitch, or a state of mind to a vibe.  Each of us is a culmination of our choices and a discrete set of connections.

Artwork is on display in the University Hospital G5/1 Corridor and Health Sciences Learning Center 1st Floor Atrium. 

Past dates

Download schedule


  • Starting Friday, November 3rd, 2017, repeated every day until Thursday, November 30, 2017 — all day


University Hospital and Clinics, G5/1 Corridor, 600 Highland Ave., and

Health Sciences Learning Center, 1st floor atrium
Madison, WI 53792