Whether you wear t-shirts on the daily or just for the occasional errand day or sweat sesh, you NEED a Girl Wonderful tee (or three!) in your closet. The simple designs are empowering for the wearer and send a message to all who see them!

Select your desired Girl Wonderful t-shirt [you’ll choose the design and size at checkout!] and get ready to embellish it with iron-on fabric, brightly-colored gems, fabric paint, sequins, and other trims. While we’ve hosted kiddos for this event in the past, this iteration is intended for adults and is a perfect girl’s night out activity for you and your besties!

Please note that registration for this workshop closes on Friday October 18th to allow time for the t-shirts to be printed.

Want to see your t-shirt options? You’ll be able to choose from these 6 styles in heather grey:

[Photos courtesy of Girl Wonderful and Megan Noble]

About Girl Wonderful: Elizabeth Medina founded Girl Wonderful with her mom, Deb Kusmec, shortly after her daughter was born. Their products include the GIRLtees: graphic tees promoting fields and activities not always considered traditionally female that make the point that girls can be or pursue whatever they want on their own terms – as well as mugs, prints, and other items to empower and encourage girls and women alike. Girl Wonderful recently partnered with Bobbi Brown (yes, THE Bobbi Brown!) on a line of exclusive Girl Entrepreneur tees. Find Elizabeth on Instagram at @_girlwonderful_.


  • Occurred Friday, October 25th, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm



107 N. Hamilton St.
Madison, WI 53703