Can you spell c-o-m-p-e-t-i-t-i-o-n? How about after a few beers? Find out EVERY Thursday at the Come Back In. Registration bee-gins at 6pm for the 7pm bee. Contestants must bee 21+ to play. A $7 admission fee - includes a FREE "buy-in" bee(r) - is required  to participate.

The game works like a traditional spelling bee. Each player will be given a word to spell. If spelled correctly, he/she remains in the bee. If the word is misspelled, the player is out of the bee and must leave the stage. Contestants may ask for the word's definition and/or to have the word used in a sentence prior to spelling. Participants will have one minute to correctly spell their word for the first three rounds. This will decrease to 30 seconds for each subsequent round. If a contestant is in mid-spell at the end of the designated time period, he/she will be allowed to finish. Once a player begins to spell a word, he/she must finish it. Restarting a word, even if it results in a correct spelling, is a disqualification.

Contestants MUST always have a beer in hand during the bee, hence the "Buzzed" portion of the bee. At least half of the "buy-in" beer must be consumed by the start of the bee (7pm). Players must continue to drink at least half of a beer between turns... i.e. one beer for every two rounds. If the player survives past the sixth round, he/she may slow down to 1/4 beer between turns. A designated driver or an alternative transportation plan is REQUIRED before participating in the bee. Visit for complete rules.

The WINNER of the bee will have his/her bee bar tab paid in full, along with bragging rights on the Come Back In's facebook page. Second and third place will not go home empty handed. The first and second runners up will receive an "I Don't Suck at Spelling" certificate, redeemable for a FREE appetizer.

Come Back in this Thursday to put your buzzed spelling skills to the test!







  • Starting Thursday, September 8th, 2016, repeated every week on Thursday @ 7:00 pm


Come Back In

508 E. Wilson St.
Madison, WI 53703