Warm Glow Studios + Yahara Bay Distillers Presents:

Hypheria (EP Release) w/ RJ Halstead & White Bush Unicorn


Close encounters with supernatural entities has gifted certain humans the ability to warp space-time and communicate with interplanetary beings through funky grooves. When their vibrations are summoned, these individuals join as one to produce Hypheria - this world's emissary into the unknown. Hypheria's signature alien funk combines elements of funk, rock, jazz, and sound design.

White Bush Unicorn:

Once upon a time a couple of Unicorns worked at a fast food joint together. They were bonded by their silly-freakness and shared creative mysticism. Soon they moved to a neighborhood that had a surplus of silly little creative freaks, and started working in a dusty thrift store. It was there that they met other mystics, and everyone was happy and creative and aesthetically pleasing and the Lord rested.

RJ Halstead:

RJ is an Americana/Country singer-songwriter who is originally from Dalzell, IL and currently residing in Janesville, WI. RJ spent several years performing exclusive nightly concerts for his wife and cat before deciding to take it to the stage, an idea that his wife and cat fully support.



  • Occurred Saturday, November 9th, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm


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