Liubóv Szwako made an unlikely journey about ten years ago, from his bustling hometown of Mexico City to the bright-eyed Midwestville that is Madison, Wisconsin. He was a blank canvas of sorts himself; uncertain of his future but dedicated to hard work and open to possibility. As he was grinding in the service industry, he encountered mentors and creatives who helped him identify his voice, giving way to his passion revealed. Once his hand met paint can, his penchant for doodling and self-taught graphic design morphed into the vibrant, texturized paintings, murals and street art we see from him today.

Liubóv became known for his work on discarded household items such as mattresses and large-screen TVs (even a heart-shaped hot tub), displayed prominently on curbs throughout town, stamped with his moniker @Triangulador. Notoriety was not his goal, however - he was merely seeking large canvases to practice on for cheap. His public interface has since provided many opportunities for collaboration and growth, as well as feedback from admirers that inspires him to push and explore further.

Whether a piece for the gallery, a new skin on an old building, or an item on the curb, Liubóv’s style is contemporary and impactful, featuring colorful punches of abstract geometry. Bravery, optimism and humor thread through both his philosophy as an artist, and his works manifested.

 Liubóv’s mural work can be found throughout the greater Madison area, Milwaukee, and Clearwater, Florida. He has been interviewed for Telemundo Wisconsin,, and Tone Madison, and is current

Exhibit is on display at the University Hospital in the J5/1 cafeteria corridor on the first floor. Parking is available in the hospital ramp for a fee. 


  • Starting Friday, January 10th, 2020, repeats every day until Wednesday, January 29, 2020 — all day


University Hospital and Clinics, J5/1 cafeteria corridor on the first floor

600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792